How to Buy Panera Bread Gift Card

A Panera Bread gift card is a perfect way to treat yourself or someone to healthy and tasty food at one of America’s best bakery-cafe brands. If you like their freshly baked bread, tasty soups, or delicious sandwiches, a Panera Bread gift card is a simple and satisfying way to enjoy their food preferences.

Panera Bread gift cards can be purchased in Panera Bread locations around the United States, and some other stores and online. But if you buy them from other sellers, Panera will be unable to help you. There are rules about how many gift cards you need to buy if you want to buy a lot of them. And if you purchase gift cards online, you may only use them in the USA. In this post, we will learn how to buy Panera Bread gift cards in multiple methods.

Panera Bread Gift Card

A Panera Bread gift card that is may be used to pay for food and beverages at Panera Bread restaurants. Panera Bread is an American bakery cafe business identified for its fresh-baked bread, sandwiches, and other food items. Panera Bread gift cards are normally available in a number of amounts and may be purchased online by visiting the Panera Bread website or Panera Bread stores. Once the balance on the Panera Bread gift card has been reduced or the card has expired, it can be used to pay for purchases at any authorized Panera Bread store.

Panera Bread Gift Card
Panera Bread Gift Card

Where Can I Buy Panera Bread Gift Cards?

Panera Bread gift cards may be found and purchased in a number of locations. Follow the given ways.

  • You can get Panera Bread gift cards on their official website. You may select from a number of styles and amounts and have the gift card mailed to the receiver or yourself.
  • Physical gift cards can be purchased at any Panera Bread cafe store. These are usually offered at the customer service desk.
  • Many online stores, including Amazon and eBay, may sell Panera Bread gift cards. If you buy gift cards from outside retailers, be cautious since there is a chance of fraud.
  • In their gift card sections, in certain grocery stores and large stores, such as Walmart and Target, you can buy Panera Bread gift cards.

How to Buy Panera Bread Gift Card Online

Follow these steps to buy Panera Bread gift cards online if you use the official website or other online stores:

  1. Visit the official Panera Bread website at
  2. Log in to your account and look for the gift cards menu at the top of the homepage.
  3. Select the type of gift card you want to buy, either a physical card or a digital gift card. Then, choose a design you like.
  4. Specify the amount of money you wish to put on the gift card. When you’re purchasing an eGift card, give the receiver’s name and email address.
  5. After adding the gift card to your shopping cart, you will be required to enter your payment information.
  6. You will now get an email confirming your gift card purchase.

How to Buy Panera Bread Gift Card in-Store

Follow the given steps to buy Panera Bread gift cards in-store:

  1. Find the closest Panera Bread store. Go inside and look for the gift cards.
  2. Pick the gift card you want and how much money you want to use on it. And choose the design of the gift card.
  3. Notify the store employee how much you wish to add to the gift card.
  4. You can pay for the gift card with cash, a credit card, or any other method you prefer.
  5. Now, you can get the gift card and with payment receipt.

How to Get Panera Bread Gift Card Redeem Code

You can get Panera Bread gift card redeem code in different ways; follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to a Panera Bread location and select the items that you wish to purchase.
  2. Then, provide your gift card to the store employee. They will either swipe the stripe or code on the back of the card. Your gift card code will be used after payment.
  3. When you have a Panera Bread eGift card, open the email that contains the eGift card information and search for the gift card number and a PIN.
  4. Go to a Panera Bread location and select what you want to buy. Then, notify the store employee that you have a gift card. You may need to provide the gift card number and PIN.
  5. Once the cashier has typed the card information, the order must be paid with the Panera Bread gift card balance.

How to Get Panera Bread Gift Card Code Email Delivery

Follow the instructions below to receive a Panera Bread gift card code by email:

  1. Browse the Panera Bread gift cards page at
  2. Choose the “E-Gift Cards” option on the website home page and enter the gift card amount you wish to purchase.
  3. Add the receiver’s email address, click “Add to Cart,” and go to the payment process to pay for a gift card.
  4. Now, the recipient will get an email containing the gift card code.

How to use my Panera Bread Gift Card

Here are a few options on how to use your Chick-fil-A gift card:

  1. You can find the nearest Panera Bread restaurant by using the official website or app.
  2. When you reach the Panera Bread location, look over the menu and choose the items you wish to buy.
  3. After choosing, give your Panera Bread gift card to a store employee. To pay for these items, have the cashier enter your gift card code.
  4. Now, your Panera Bread gift card balance will be used.

How to Activate Panera Bread Gift Card

Follow the instructions below to activate a Panera Bread gift card:

  1. Navigate to the Panera Bread official website or mobile app.
  2. Then log in to your Panera Bread account and select the ‘Gift Cards’ menu.
  3. After providing the gift card code along with your PIN.
  4. Now click the ‘Activate’ option to activate your Panera Bread gift card.
  5. If you have any issues with your Panera Bread gift card activation, you may contact the customer care helpline number.

Does My Panera Bread Gift Card Expire?

Panera Bread gift cards have no expiration date; you can use them for as long as there is a balance on the card. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. In some locations, gift cards may have expiration dates, and if you receive a gift card as a reward, it might also might have an expiration date.

Can I use Panera Bread gift cards at other places?

You can only use Panera Bread gift cards to buy items on Panera’s website or at their bakery in the United States. You can’t get your money back for the card. And you can’t use this gift card to buy another gift card.

Is it possible to purchase Panera Bread gift cards in-store?

Yes, Gift cards can be purchased at any Panera Bread bakery cafe in the United States and also through certain outside retailers and online.

What denominations of Panera Bread gift cards are offered?

Panera Bread usually sells gift cards in a number of denominations, allowing you to select the amount that best meets your requirements.

Can you recharge or add money to a Panera Bread gift card?

A few Panera Bread gift cards are reloadable, which enables you to load more money onto the card. If you have reload issues, contact 8553726372 Panera Bread customer care or see the card’s terms and restrictions.