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EPF UAN Login for EPFO Member Portal to Get Services for Universal Account Number Activation, Status Check, Online Payment, Withdrawal, Transfer, Passbook Statement, Balance Check, Claims, and UAN Card Download at https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/…

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation of India has provided the services for all employees and employers of government and private authority, and they have provided very good interest rates on deposits and long term retirement savings.

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According to the EPF India new Interest rates will down maybe for this 2019 financial year, and the new interest rates will be announced on February 2019, and previous years interest rate of 8.55 percent for 2017-18 financial and 8.65 percent for 2016-17 and 8.8 percent in 2015-16, that’s why we have expected this 2019 financial year also will decrease than previous years.


EPF India Universal Account Number UAN Activation Process at http://epfindia.gov.in

All EPFO Account holders can write a comment with your problem, we will give you solutions by a reply in very shortly to solve the problem, and follow the articles to get complete details about EPF India Schemes and process.

EPF India Universal Account Number is very important as EPFO linked all online services to UAN Number, thereby an employer can withdraw or transfer EPF amount and also you can apply for PF loan without employee permission, as all know that UAN is the 12-digit unique number given by EPFO portal.

About EPF India Details
Name of OriginationEmployees’ Provident Fund Organisation of India
Member Details Universal Account Number (UAN)
Official Website https://www.epfindia.gov.in
Toll Free Number1800-118-005
EPF Missed Call Number 011-22901406 (Balance enquiry)
EPF SMS Number 7738299899 (Balance enquiry)
EPF Complaint Portal https://epfigms.gov.in
Member Portal http://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in

Every time an employee has changes or switch’s his job, a new member identification number will be allotted to the employer. So it is easy and useful for EPFO to track multiple job switches of the employee, by using your UAN Number you can check your employer is regularly depositing their contribution in the PF account or not.

Employers cannot access their PF amount of employees, UAN Services such as employees can update KYC Details, UAN Passbook Download, and check claim status etc services are access only after the Universal Account Number Activation, so KYC is mandatory to Activate UAN Number. UAN Activation is very easy process and check procedure by following the link of UAN Activation Procedure.


Actually UAN was introduced to store different PF accounts of a single employee under a single Universal Account Number UAN,  Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation of India has launched different kinds of online services but all are functioning  by EPFO linked with UAN number.

So, UAN is back bone of Employee Provident Fund Organization. Many UAN holders confused about how to login into UAN  member portal, Another use of UAN login is you receive monthly SMS update of PF contribution and also check whether your company is depositing PF on time or not.

You can download EPF passbook through online easily and etc.There are some steps for UAN login online to their UAN member accounts, And many people confused about this process followed is not known to many people. Click on given link to EPFO UAN Login Proccess

EPF India UAN Login

NOTE: You have activated UAN Number to Login and otherwise you can’t login into UAN login member portal.

How to get Universal Account Number & EPF Passbook at http://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in

EPF Passbook consists of all transactions made by the employee or by the employer in their PF account, the EPF Passbook contains any interest that has been deposited in your Provident Fund account and detailed contributions by every month are noted in PF amount balance.

You can maintain different passbooks for different accounts accessed using member ID after login into your member portal account, you can Download EPF passbook online at official portal www.epfindia.gov.in.

EPFO provides the facility to view the EPF e-passbooks online only to those employees who are registered on the Unified member portal, Actually, EPF Online Passbook will be generated after 6 hours of registration at the EPFO portal and any update done by EPFO reflect in passbook after 6 hours. proceed with the link step by step procedure to get EPF Passbook Online.

Note:It is necessary to have an Activated UAN number to download EPF Passbook online as EPF e-passbook.

Check Universal Account Number UAN Status Online at http://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in.

UAN number refers to Universal Account Number given to an employee by Employee Provident Fund Organization EPFO, UAN number remains same throughout the life span of an employee, the employee will have different member ID’s given when employee switches his the job, these entire member Id’s are linked to the UAN Account.

So EPFO UAN registered members have access to check UAN status online, this online service is introduced by EPFO and directly linked with UAN number, to check UAN Status you need needs PAN number, Name as mentioned in the UAN form.

UAN registered mobile Number and Date of Birth (DOB) mentioned on the form, UAN allows employees to withdraw PF amount through online and it is easy to transfer PF amount of one account to another account, the Process of UAN status check is very easy with following on given link to get step by step details for UAN status check.

EPF Online Payment

Employee Provident Fund scheme is a retirement beneficiary scheme introduced by EPFO, the employees who are earning above 15000 salary are eligible to make contribution in EPF allowed by PF act.

The EPF Payment is available in all Government Sector Banks in offline mode such as SBI, Punjab National Bank, Andhra Bank’s. You can make PF payment easily through online only when if you have any bank account in corporate banks such as State Bank of India (SBI), HDFC Bank and Bank of Baroda and other banks.

If you have online baking then it helps you to transfer your amount to PF account. EPF Online Payment or EPFO Online Payment is easy process, check EPF online payment procedure and how to make EPF Online Payment and further steps for PF withdrawal using the EPFO portal by clicking on given link EPF Online Payment or EPFO Online Payment

EPF Withdrawal

Actually PF is defined as 12 percent of employee salary, among that 3.67% is contributed to provident fund & 8.33% is deposited in Pension scheme. EPF withdrawal claim is made by an employee when is unemployed or at the time of retirement.

An employee have opportunity to withdraw 75 percent of PF amount after a month of unemployment and remaining percentage will be withdrawn after two months of unemployment depending on circumstances, now you can withdrawal PF amount by filling the EPF withdrawal form online but you can use the online withdrawal facility only when KYC updated in your UAN.

EPF Transfer the PF Amount with Interest rates

There are some advantages of having an EPF Account they are Tax benefit Under Section 80C, Retirement benefit, Withdrawal benefit. To check step by step process for EPF Withdrawal and EPF Transfer online click on given link EPF Withdrawal and PF Transfer Online

NOTE: Here are the some forms required for EPF withdrawal 7 PF transfer online:

UAN Card Download

UAN card is introduced by Employee Provident Fund Organization and now it become mandatory for all employees because they have to submit copy of UAN Card to their new employer after switching or changing their job to link your new EPF account with it.

The biggest advantage of EPF is that all services related to Universal account Number. You need to have an active Universal Account Number Card download. if you don’t have you cannot download UAN Card from official portal, Many employees confuses about how to download UAN Card online, it easy process. Click on given link to get step by step details to Download UAN Card

EPF India Balance Check with / without UAN Number Passbook

Employee Provident Fund is a saving scheme for all employees, Employers having above 20 employees must have to obtain PF Registration and allot UAN for employee’s contribution, every employee can check Employee Provident Fund balance or EPFO balance by visiting official website not only this EPF balance but also you can download EPF passbook online.

EPF withdrawal, EPF UAN activation. An employee can check EPF balance via SMS, by giving a missed call, via the PF app, and through Employee Provident Fund official portal www.epfoindia.gov.in.

To check PF balance you must have an active UAN number otherwise you can’t check Employee Provident Fund balance through online. you can get step by step procedure for checking PF balance by clicking on given link EPF Balance check

Forgot UAN Password

EPFO was provided a facility for employees having EPF accounts that is employee who forgotten their UAN password can change their password by clicking on forgot password in UAN member portal. Employee can change their password after successful login also.

Many employees don’t know about this and become confused. But it is simple matter takes less than a minute but this process become critical when your UAN registered mobile number is changed or go, because One Time Password OTP will sent to registered mobile number for security purposes.

Change Mobile Number in UAN if forgotten Password will work only when Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Aadhaar/PAN that you enter should match the details with your UAN otherwise you will get error message. We given step by step process for UAN password reset & recover UAN password click on given link UAN password

EPF India Withdrawal Forms – 5, 9, 10-c, 10-d, 13, 14, 19

Now the new EPF withdrawal form is as simple as the bank withdrawal slip. Do not withdraw your PF amount before 5 years of period from the date of registration because if you draw PF amount before 5 years your will face taxes.

And after five years of period you cannot face any taxes, no need to get any attestation by the government employees and no need to wait for approval of employer with this new withdrawal forms. Introducing this new withdrawal forms is biggest step in EPFO and this new forms can take less time as the form is directly submitted to the regional PF office.

Employee can get directly his PF amount from EPFO so no nee of employer here to get PF amount. New EPF withdrawal forms are in single page. Click on given link for New EPF Withdrawal Forms Download

Transfer PF Amount from One Provident Fund Account to New PF account online at http://members.epfoservices.in

An employee has to open new EPF account while employee switching his job from one to another company. In past days transfer of PF amount is very time consuming and lot of paper work, but in this days employees can transfer PF amount to another account easily. UAN is backbone of EPFO because all online services of EPFO depends on Universal Account Number and UAN manages all services of EPFO such as Transfer PF amount to another.

Download EPF / PF passbook, EPF UAN Login and etc. click on given link to know step by step process about how to Transfer PF Amount online from One Provident Fund Account to New PF account online at http://members.epfoservices.in

Check your EPFO / EPF Claim Status Online by Missed Call, SMS, UAN Number at http://epfindia.gov.in

Checking of EPF claim status will be done by after applying for PF withdrawal, to check PF claim status employee have to fill up form 11 with required details if he have activated UAN and this form 11 does not require any approval and attestation by employer’s.

People who don’t have activated Universal account number can apply using Form 19 and it must be attested by employer and submit it in nearest EPFO office, employees and employers can submit the withdrawal or transfer claims both offline and online modes.

Aspirants who want to check UAN claim status can check EPF Claim Status by logging into the Member Portal or at EPFO official portal. You can check claim status by missed call or SMS and by EPFO UAN portal.

Click on given link Get step by step procedure for PF claim status check.

EPF India KYC Update for Aadhaar Linking to your UAN Account

All you know that EPF KYC update is mandatory for all employees and employers having Provident Fund accounts. you can update KYC details online at unified UAN EPFO portal or EPF UAN Login. You have to login into UAN portal to update your KYC by providing necessary details.

If KYC details are approved by your employer then you no need to wait for employer attestations and approvals. KYC update details include Aadhaar card, PAN card, bank account details and etc.

You cannot get any updates form Employee Provident fund organization if you are not updated KYC details. You have an active UAN number to login into your account. If you are not activated UAN, activate it now by visiting official website. Click on given link to know step by step process for EPF KYC update for Aadhaar linking.

EPF Missed Call Number for Balance Statement Download

This is very good facility provided to all registered users, the Unified Member Portal Active users can access this service to get instant account balance of their PF Account, all the EPFO members need to give a missed call to 011-22901406 for access this service to know about your PF Account statement instantly.

All the UAN members who have successfully seeded their any one of the Bank A/c number, AADHAAR and PAN, the member will access this EPFO Missed Call Facility to get details of last contribution and PF balance, we have provided complete details with official notification Pdf about EPF Missed Call Number for Balance Check here

SMS Number and Format to Download Balance Statement

EPFO has provided another service to check PF balance instantly using SMS based service to the members, this is another facility to get EPF Balance Statement using registered mobile phone number of UAN account holder, and this is also very simple method to get instant statement from their regional language for all active members.

All the UAN holders can sent a SMS to 7738299899 from their registered mobile phone number from this format EPFOHO <space>UAN <space>ENG  to download EPF Passbook balance statement, here is the complete details about the service just follow. 

Every member can note this not free service from your mobile phone network operates, all network operators are charged SMS charges as per their tariff, but this service is free from EPF India, we have referred to check EPF Balance by Missed Call facility, and it is completely free from all mobile network operators and very easy then SMS service.

EPFIGMS for EPF India Online Complaint Grievance Cell

The EPF Grievance is an integrated Grievance management system is organised for the members who have facing problems and who need to complaint against EPFO can use Grievance service to register EPF Online Complaint Registration forum, this is good opportunity to solve their issues about EPF India.

All the EPF India members can register complaints online and send reminder and grievance status check also available EPFIGMS portal for all UAN members, and there is no toll free number to register EPF Complaints, the member who need to load complaint using EPFIGMS can register and upload supported documents from https://epfigms.gov.in, here is the links about EPFIGMS articles follow to get complete details.