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UAN strands for Universal Account Number given by EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organisation), actually UAN is a 12-digit unique number launched by EPFO for the benefits of all PF members, every employee can do UAN activation process after getting his/her UAN Number Download at the official web portal, the employee will have different member ID’s or PF numbers generated when he changes the job.

UAN is used to manage multiple ID’s allotted to single Employer, the employee will give available Universal Account Number which is already available at employee, once he joins a new establishment to link the new PF number to the already generated UAN, this will help the employee to transfer one PF account to another one without withdrawal PF.

How to Track EPFO UAN Status via Online:

In Previous days employee need to depend on company HR to check EPFO Universal Account Number Status but now a days it simple you can check through online, below we given step by step procedure to check online.

UAN Status check
  • Then click on the button ‘Know your UAN Status’ as above picture.
  • Then select whether you want to enter Member Id or PAN or Aadhaar.
UAN status check
  • If you Select Member Id then you have to choose State and Office or if you choose PAN or AADHAR then you have to enter the card numbers.
  • Then fill the form with necessary details such as name, date of birth, mobile no, captcha code.
  • Finally click on ‘Get Authorization Pin’.
UAN Activation status check
  • After getting authorization pin to your registered UAN Number, Enter the PIN on specified field and click on ‘Validate OTP and get UAN’ button.
  • You will see a message like “Your UAN number and status will be sent to your registered mobile number“.

That’s it your EPF Member Account status check will help you to know if the UAN is updated or not,  employees can check their deposits made each month regarding PF deductions using this Universal Account Number.

Benefits of UAN are UAN allows employee’s to withdraw PF amount through online and it is easy to transfer PF amount of one account to another account, one can mange their PF account through online and It also helps EPFO to track multiple job switches by the employee.